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When I Grow Up {Little Rock Newborn and Family Photographer}

People often ask me, “How long have you been doing this?”  I’m not really sure how to answer them.  It was about five years ago that I filled out all the paperwork  that brought Lizzy Yates Photography into existence.  How long has photography been a part of what I do and who I am?  Well,  I didn’t fill out any paperwork to make that official, but there are boxes and albums full of prints that show it has been a very long time.

In retrospect it seems fairly obvious that I would end up as a photographer.  I have always loved pictures.  Throughout high school and college I was known for always have my camera with me.  I documented every event, each friendship (sometimes to the point of being slightly annoying, I’ll have a few high school friends who will “like” this fact) .   I filled my walls with cork boards covered with snapshots.  I clearly remember going to the 1 hour film developer and waiting to the minute to pick up prints from dances and all sorts of other events.

At least once a week someone says to me, “You’ve got the best job.”  And despite the fact that it can seem cheesy, I have to agree.  I get to meet babies in the first days that they are a part of this world and I get to capture that look parents have when they realize that nothing can prepare you for THAT feeling.  I get to give little kids candy and play chase and make stupid jokes and make them laugh.  I get to take pictures of women that make them feel GOOD about themselves.

It was during a recent trip home that I saw a picture that my mom had framed in the house.  It was her and my sister. When I was about the age my daughter is now (almost 10) I set up my first studio. It was my closet and my backdrops were my mom’s sheets.   I convinced them to let me do their pictures.  While I was (obviously =) no photographic prodigy, these pictures are proof that I have ended up right where I should be.


**A big shout out to my mom and my sister who, I’m sure, will be so glad to have these pictures shared!**

My beautiful mother (Lizzy Yates family photography the early years)
My mom and my sister Two of the best women I knowMy oh so fabulous sister (family pictures by Lizzy Yates)My mother (family pictures by Lizzy Yates)Family Pictures by Lizzy Yates (the early years)


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