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Rowden’s on the Move {North Little Rock Baby Photographer}

Rowden’s proud Grandma is the one who brought him for his photo session with me in Burn’s Park this past week.  She had set up the session as a Mother’s Day gift for Rowden’s mama.

As soon as I met him I was in love!  At 14 months old he is a smily, happy, busy little man!

We spent time playing in his wagon and with him showing off his walking skills.  I love how you can see his personality in his eyes and his little teeth peeking out.

1 year old boy spends time in the grass in Burns ParkSee more images!

Rhys is 6 Months {Little Rock Baby Photographer}

I woke up excited to do this session with Mr. Rhys.  I first met him when he was only a few days old.  That first visit he and I spent a lot of quality time together as I tried to convince him that he wanted to go to sleep.  White noise machine was running, blankets had him bundled and cozy, mom had his belly full and his diaper clean and dry.  It seemed however that he just wanted to be able to see what was going on in the world around him.  As he peered around I caught an image of his beautiful eyes so alert and intent.  After a while he finally agreed that he was indeed tired and dozed off allowing me to get some of those images of a sleeping baby that just melt my heart.

This time I was headed to hang out with a 6 month old little fellow who is on the move and as cute as ever.  He was having a day where he wanted mom near by at all times so the three of us spent time together and I got to hear about what he is up  to these days.  He would definitely like to be walking all by himself, exploring the world, but until he masters a little more balance he counts on mom to escort him around to all the things he’d like to see!

The next time I see him I know I will need to wear my sneakers because I will be chasing him around for sure!


6 month old Rhys at home in West Little RockSee more images!

Brother & Sister {West Little Rock Teen Photographer}

Getting to work with the same families over time is one of the things that I love most about my job as a photographer.  I get to help mark milestones, form relationships, learn what they like, they learn about me.

A session this weekend in West Little Rock was great for all these reasons.  These two were some of the first that met when I first moved to Little Rock from Colorado (Denver to be specific).  I have gotten to photograph them a few times before so now when we get together its nothing but fun.

This weekend was carefully timed to allow us to get pictures while neither of them had braces!  Brother just got his off and was getting used to how it feels to smile without them.  Sister is getting hers put on next week.

Their mom was nice enough to allow me to pick these two up for a adventure around town.  We visited local fields, parking lots, and even office buildings.  Some of the coolest spots for pictures are ones that you drive or walk by every day and may not notice.  We had a great time and I loved watching these two crack each other up!

West Little Rock Teen leans on a white wall near ChenalSee more images!

Miss Personality! {West Little Rock Child Photographer}

This weekend I got to meet one of the winners of the “How Cute Am I” contest that I recently sponsored with Arkansas Online and Little Rock Mamas.  Sydney is 5 years old and had me laughing and smiling the whole time.  She was so excited to be the star of her photo session.  I was also excited to get to meet her new puppy named Oreo Jackson (isn’t that the best name ever?)


I wanted to share a few of my favorites!


Child photographer Lizzy Yates

These boots....

A mother's love

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